Raix:push B&W icon and alerts on Android


I’ve got raix:push mostly working on Android. These are two questions I have though:

  1. How can I set the icon that appears in the notification tray. Currently it uses a silhouette of my color app icon, which just doesn’t look good.
  2. How can I get it to do an alert. Right now the alert just kind of appears in the tray along the top, but it doesn’t do any kind of popup notice, or vibrate or make a sound. I’ve tried setting the alert flag to true in both the mobile-config.js file and the place where I’m triggering the push notification. Neither seems to have an effect.


Kevin N.

I got this to work. Here’s what I did:

  1. Place icon in /cordova-build-override/platforms/android/res/drawable/pushicon.png

Actually, I think that was it. :slight_smile:

I still want to figure out how to add a different icon to the pull down menu, something full color and personalized.


@captainn How you resolved sound or vibration issue on iOS ?

To be honest, it just started working (my problem was on Android - I haven’t tested iOS yet). Once I got the B&W icon in, and had all the settings finally right, it just started to work as I expected. It’s really cool to get push notifications for my own app. :smile:

I still have to play with a custom sound though, since I definitely want that.

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