Raix/push: query tokens array

Unfortunately I could not figure out how to query for an array of tokens.

I took the token (in the form of {apn: "xxx"}) and put it in an array but no success in sending a push like this:

Push: Send message "TEST" via query { tokens: [ { apn: 'CORRECTAPNTOKEN' }, { apn: 'CORRECTAPNTOKEN' } ] } Push: Sent message "TEST" to 0 ios apps 0 android apps

How should the array exactly look like?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile

Alright, I solved it - took me way too long but finally.
If you want to send push messages to an array of tokens, you have to set “tokens:” as a parameter itself and not as a subparameter of query.
It’s actually pretty easy to see in the docs - but obviously not for me :blush: