RAM usage of your application in browser

Hey all,

not that I consider it a comparable factor, but I’m curious about the typical RAM consumption of your apps
I’d appreciate if you post these figures along with the browser used

the reason I’m interested in this is my app amounts to high consumption (relatively to other apps/websites on the internet)
Although it’s a large project, the various pages are not as complex as I’d imagine for such high consumption


Depending on browsers. Firefox has slightly lower than Google Chrome with Meteor web app. Around 40-50MB RAM usage for the start with basic forms demo, and can be as high as ~150MB for basic chatroom, note that the full featured Hipchat use 200MB.

It is probably due to Minimongo but it is perfectly normal compare to some traditional websites that use 300-500MB for unknown reasons.

Maybe you share with us more about what packages is being use

My empirical rule is to start worrying when my app (which uses quite a lot of subscribed data) goes beyond 200MB.

my home page starts at ~175MB, however it has dependencies on some collections

the real issue is the longer you use the app (i.e. navigating to other pages), it seems there’s no memory release and it may climb up to 800MB (Chrome)

one reason the RAM may be so high is I use google maps on several pages, but I would expect a release when navigating away from these.

I’m well aware stale memory may be the programmer’s fault (i.e. abusing JS closures), but it would be a sound assumption on my part to say that most of the memory is utilized by the Meteor platform itself, as long as I don’t cause some pathology such as running an infinite reactive loop in some template.