Ran Meteor Reset by accident

HI :

Was trying to upgrade my meteor to 1.3 and noticed a text with words “meteor reset” after upgrade prcess was finished. Did not fully read the text and ran meteor rest :frowning: Now I have lost all my Mongo db entries and my application crashes and doesnt come up. I had not taken a backup of the mongo DB . Only backed up my meteor directory to bitbucket.com.
I downloaded the previosu version saved in bitbucket, and found out mongo DB was not backed up naturally.

I had lots of modules installed such as users , etc. How can I reconstruct my mongodb ? :frowning:


As far as i know, you cannot retrieve those datas…
It is as if you had done : rm -rf.

Gone, sorry for you. Db was in .meteor. If you use a mac with time machine or a windows pc with any backup solution you might retrieve it from there.

Never use the meteor controlled mongodb for productive data. Setup a standalone mongodb instance and use MONGO_URL env variable. Test data should be recreated after meteor reset with the concept of fixtures + faker. That even pushes you to use meteor reset more often.

You now should fix your app so it runs with an empty db.

Just to add - @abernix started a feature discussion that covers the idea of having a meteor reset option that doesn’t wipe the local DB. Join in the discussion here:

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