Random problems with pub/sub

Hi everyone!

I’m having a “missing documents” issue when suscribing to a publication.

The publication searches in a collection, and returns 3 documents, but the subscription just populates 1 document in minimongo.

This issue happens randomly. When restarting the system, the issue is solved until it randomly happens again.

My publication function works properly, and the subscription is very simple. Is there any way to debug pub/sub process?


Hi, could we get the code/repo? It is much easier to debug when we can see the actual code.

Sorry, but is a propietary software. That’s why I’m asking if there is any way to debug the pub/sub process :’(

Is there any way to debug pub/sub process?

You can check the Chrome console to see the DDP traffic. DDP is the protocol being used to transfer the data. That way you can see which actions have been triggering changes in the collection.

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It was very useful! Thank you!!! :smiley: