RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (Meteor 1.5.1)


OK, so today has been a very annoying day so far. Was working on a meteor app until about 10:00pm last evening. This morning shut the system down and as I do EVERY day go to the office. Started machine back up and went to resume development. Same process that has been happening for a year ore more.

This is a Windows 10 x64 machine, running Meteor 1.5.1. This is NOT anything new, it has been running 1.5.1 for a bit no issues. Don’t even believe there were any windows updates since yesterday.

Today however starting my meteor application or even just trying to run meteor --version yields me the following:

meteor --version
    hasStacks = !!e.stack;

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

So I Google the issue and see others having this same issue with past releases. I remove node, remove meteor, clean the directories, restart, reinstall node (4.8.4), reinstall meteor, restart again.

I did see people also wiping their entire user profile and restarting, but this is really NOT an option. Everything else working great.

SAME EXACT ERROR!!! This is a very frustrating developer experience. Help!!!


Same Issue . Seems to be a full time problem that meteor dont care about. Seems meteor may be going to bin :frowning:


I think this issue is being tracked on Github here.


h…maybe this too seems to be the problem of meteor on window. shortcoming of boilerplate framewoks?


I had this issue and the only fix for me was wiping and cleaning my drive. The issue was caused when I globally installed js-ipfs through NPM. The Go version of ipfs has no problems though. Pretty annoying issue.


Having the same issue… What did l do recently ? Installed Go ! Installed Overwatch ! installed Docker. Any idea to find issue is coming from one of those softwares is welcomed ! I am running Windows 8.1 Pro.


Hmm - have you installed your own versions of nodejs and npm, and did you install any npm packages in Meteor apps with npm install ... rather than meteor npm install ...?


No. My app was working perfectly. just cloned it from heroku locally to do some changings…
and boom nothing work even meteor --version
I have uninstalled now go and Docker. Still same issue. I am trying START AGAIN…


npm install … rather than meteor npm install … mmm mmaybe… need to remember…


No. I am sure now. I installed npm for different stuff related to Go/Geth/Cholatey/Docker…


hi… still waiting for any good news… and also there…


last discussion on the subject >> upgrading to 1.6 not working for me (windows 8.1)