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Hello guys, I am newbie web developer. I know basic html5, css3, and JavaSript. Currently, I am doing a side project which is a clone of ratemyprofessor.com by using Meteor framework. So, basically, I want to create a database of 100 schools so that the students can rate their teachers. First of all, the students will access the main page, from there, they will see a list of schools (Dropdown menu). Then, they click on their schools and it will open a new window which contains a list of the teachers for their schools, and so on. So, If I understand it right, I will need to create 100 html pages for 100 schools. However, because I am a newbie, I am wondering if there is another way for me to accomplish the goal without writing 100 html pages. The reason I ask is because later if I scale the site, I won’t have any troubles to maintain it since I am doing this project by myself. I don’t know if my question is clear enough. If you think it is ambiguous, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated.


100 pages?

no. You only need 1 template.

I suggest you do the meteor tutorial first. Then take a look at one of the router solutions.


You don’t need to create 100 HTML files. You just need to create one HTML file, one with the JS and another for the CSS, just like when you create a new project with Meteor. In the HTML you should include a template making reference to functions in the JS file. In the JS is where you will be accessing the Mongo database, which in turn will give you the relevant data to populate your HTML file.

As garilla said, you should take a look at the tutorial and maybe read this book http://meteortips.com/first-meteor-tutorial/.


Thank you for your help.


Thank you for your help. I think I’ll start the tutorial and go from there. Have a nice day.