Re-install arunoda's version of MUP


So I was having some problems with MUP and I ran sudo npm install -g mup and it installed the latest version of mup which is the version by kadirahq

I’ve been previously using the old non-maintained version of mup. I was having issues but it worked.

I know kadirahq’s version is the maintained one and I should be using it, and I do want to get to using it eventually but right now, I don’t have the time to put into migrating to this new version (the recommends blowing away my prod server and starting again as the recommended path and I don’t have time for that right now).

I just need to deploy some changes of the application to the prod server. So how do I re-install arunoda’s version back on my machine?

I imagine it would be running something like this
npm install -g mup@

but I’m not sure what version number was the last arunoda version


You could try npm installing directly from the older mup github repo. So something like:

npm install -g arunoda/meteor-up#v0.11.3


thanks, yes

that’s what i ended up doing.

The problem was I wasn’t sure which version was Arunoda’s last version as there’s nowhere on github or nam that tells me where the changes and versions align