Re-render Meteor Template

How can I do this?

I need to refresh a Message’s page that have a button called ‘Refresh’ and i need to reload the publish and subscribe data.


So if I understand correctly, you have a “Messages” page that has a “Refresh” button on it; when the button is clicked, you want all messages refreshed? Can you explain why you need to do this a little further? I’m just wondering why you wouldn’t instead want to take advantage of Meteor’s reactive features (see Subscribing to data). If you’re subscribing and rendering your messages leveraging Meteor’s built in reactivity, when new messages are pulled in they will automatically show up on your “Messages” page (no need to refresh the page).

Unless of course you don’t want the Messages page to be reactive. In that case though you wouldn’t be using pub/sub like you mentioned. You would likely be loading your data via Meteor Methods (and potentially using local Collections - see Loading data with Methods).

Dunno why but i was confused… you re right !!

thx a lot