React 0.14.1 and classnames npm package

React package has been updated to 0.14.1 and the React.addons.classSet is no more available.

Facebook guide suggests to use this npm package; I know a Meteor community package on atmospherejs exists, but it’s based on the 1.2.0 release instead the latest is 2.2.0.

What do you do in this case?

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I would avoid using Atmosphere packages for ‘wrapper packages’ at all costs. They’re always outdated. If you’re already using browserify for React checkout this boilerplate I made (although not updated to 0.14):

You can just require any NPM module you need with that and the packages.json file in the root.

Also because the module is super small you could just copy/paste it worst case scenario


Very helpful, and I’ve learned something new!
Thanks man! :thumbsup:

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