React 16 update


Have people been using it with Meteor yet?

And for those using React and Blaze together as we are, could this be an issue from the update blog post:

It is not safe to re-render into a container that was modified by something other than React. This worked previously in some cases but was never supported. We now emit a warning in this case. Instead you should clean up your component trees using ReactDOM.unmountComponentAtNode.


I’ve updated my app when it was officially announced and so far I haven’t encountered any issues (aside from the peer requirement warning from Meteor). I’m also using the most recent 1.6 beta. I’m not using blaze, though. Just React 16.

Although my app is still in alpha so it was just being used by very few users so I cannot completely say that there will be no problems. I’ve already implemented the new Errorboundary feature and it is so helpful in catching and automatically logging UI bugs encountered by users.

So far, it was a smooth upgrade (again, minus the peer requirement warnings from meteor)


Anyone had experience with it and Blaze yet? I’ll try myself soon