React 19 is coming

React 19 is coming. What’s new?

React Compiler - goodbye unintended re-renders

Actions - this looks like Meteor Methods + Optimistic UI

Doc metadata - built-in React Helmet; seems perfect for the new SSR requirements in React 18 (although still incompatible with Meteor)

More here:


Looking forward to React Compiler. Actions are interesting. Will have to look more into them, but if we can integrate them into our Meteor React hooks or have a pattern for for them that would be a big win. The most important from this section is useOptimistic which we should consider deeper integration in Meteor. Heck that is what Meteor started with.
With Document Metadata, it means that I can reduce one more dependency, which is always welcome.
Of note are also Resource Preloading APIs which I think will be useful for many apps. I think some of them should be integrated into Meteor.