React Accounts UI

There are a few projects already using this but here is the official announcement.

alt:react-accounts-ui is a customizable React based replacement for accounts-ui.

As of the latest version it works with
1.2 + react package
1.3 + react package
1.3 + NPM React


Can’t blaze accounts-ui really not play with react, isn’t it largely just a db query sort of thing?

Accounts-ui is a set of Blaze UI templates, you’re probably thinking of accounts-base

I think this package could make the meteor and react tutorial much better! Do you have a demo app or screenshots I could check out?

It it styled very similar to the Blaze templates for consistency.

They play fine together but it takes a small tweak (or plugin). Create a JSX file with the following code (don’t mind the accountsUIBookstrap3.setLanguage function):

Then, wherever you want the login buttons to show up add the React component, in this case <AccountsUI />

There are plenty of BlazeToReact plugins outthere, like: gadicc:blaze-react-component.

I used my approach in a recent project and it works fine.

Works well if you’re using FlowRouter, but it doesn’t play nicely with ReactRouter (because the links are not wrapped in )