React and Forms

I’m desperate
I only recently started learning React.js
And everything was fine until I did not need to work with forms. I understand that the issue is likely not for this forum, but the meteor community is closer for me
What do you use to work with the forms? React component or meteor package, without a difference.
Forms should be easy to customize, validation, fields of any type (select2, datepicker, for example), localization, etc.
In Blaze I used formvalidation() and it was perfect…something similar?

Hello, take a look at this project


Yes, cool widgets…
But they don’t solve the main problem: form validation…

Right now I use aldeed:autoform wrapped in gwendall:blaze-to-react. Would be nice to have an equivalent of autoform directly in React though.

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I’m using Formsy/Material-UI

You can also try out Autoform/Material-UI

There is more:
Markdown & Html Wysiwyg (Medium Editor)
semantic components with portal modal, toasts, uiForms (
But not documented for now. ( it will be changed soon )

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Hi, Daniel
How did you add Formsy to your project?

I did pretty much what was in the demo project - NPM/Browserify.

OK, I see, thank you…
Looks like better way, than webpack, etc. )-:

not 100% on topic, but which wysiwyg editor which allows inserting images do you suggest ? please? How about this : There is no Meteor Package for this yet tho.