React and React Komposer and containers


I’m using react and react komposer. Im getting:
Exception from Tracker recompute function: debug.js:41 TypeError: is not a function at ReadStepsListTop (ReadStepsListTop.jsx:8)

This is my component

import React from 'react';

export const ReadStepsListTop = ({TeckStack}) => (
                {{_id,teckstack}) => (

and this is its container

import React from 'react';
import { composeWithTracker } from 'react-komposer';
import {ReadStepsListTop} from './ReadStepsListTop.jsx';
import { DocHead } from 'meteor/kadira:dochead';
import CircularProgress from 'material-ui/CircularProgress';
import darkBaseTheme from 'material-ui/styles/baseThemes/darkBaseTheme';
import MuiThemeProvider from 'material-ui/styles/MuiThemeProvider';
import getMuiTheme from 'material-ui/styles/getMuiTheme';

function composer(props, onData) {
  const handle = Meteor.subscribe('singletechstack', props._id);
  if(handle.ready()) {
    const TeckStack = TechStack.findOne({_id: props._id});
    onData(null, {TeckStack});

    // Make our blog posts SEO friendly
    // DocHead.setTitle(techstacksingle.teckstack);
    // DocHead.addMeta({
    //   name: 'description', content: project.projectdescription
    // });

const darkMuiTheme = getMuiTheme(darkBaseTheme);

const MyLoading = () => (<div style={{width:'90%', position:'relative'}}>
      <MuiThemeProvider muiTheme={darkMuiTheme}>
      <div style={{margin:'auto', right:0, left:0, width:300, position:'relative'}}>
        <p style={{textAlign:'center'}}><CircularProgress size={1.5} /></p>
export default MyLoading;

export default composeWithTracker(composer,MyLoading )(ReadStepsListTop);

Where could I have gone wrong


I think you might need to import the TechStack collection in your container and then give that variable a different name so it does not interfere with your collection name.


Ive dont that still nothing’s changed


Maybe try taking the default export of the loading out since you are exporting again right after that. I don’t think you can have two default exports in the same file.


You are using findOne() which returns an object - objects don’t have a native map method.


You are so right. Ive understood my error now. Thank you