React boilerplates

I recently came across this boilerplate:

Although it’s not wired up for meteor, but seems to have the rest of the react ecosystem (redux, redux-saga, webpack etc.) working together nicely.

I’m relatively new to the coding world, any experienced meteorites out there know how simple/easy/impossible it be to drop meteor in as the server for this framework?

Or any suggestions on other turnkey solutions?

One of probably many examples: my react-redux-meteor boilerplate. It is very basic and based on Meteor Guide. Also you can check out my blog post about react-redux-webpack + meteor as a backend only and react-redux-webpack boilerplate (without meteor) :slight_smile:

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@npareek I think this may be what you’re looking for:

Edit: I think I read your post too quickly. This has React, follows Meteor guide layout conventions, but you’d have to add Redux. Trying to mash Meteor with an existing react boilerplate is asking for a world of pain.

Thanks for the tips @mbrookes @juliancwirko.

@npareek I just took a look at @juliancwirko’s react-redux-meteor example, I think if you wanted Redux, but need a more fully baked Meteor boilerplate (accounts-ui etc), it should be straightforward to drop that from @juliancwirk’s example into meteorchef base.