React Core.ui + Meteor

There is no Kitchen.Sink like in Sencha for Meteor, therefore it would be helpful to make a friendship between with demo at



Is it difficult and what steps should I take?

I have found great starter app at but it is not as feature rich as core.ui

Hi @Volodymyr, those dashboard templates will work with Meteor. Any templates like those will :+1:

Easy vs Difficult is determined by your experience… More experience = more easy

But Meteor is still the best & easiest framework to build a data driven web app.

Start with some Meteor tutorials and videos on YouTube, when you understand Meteor a bit more, you will probably not have any trouble getting your project going. Just start, and ask for help if you get stuck.

The makers of your templates could also help you… if they have experience with Meteor, they could possibly be very helpful. But to start working with a template like you are interested in, you really only need to understand how Meteor loads html, JS, and CSS files. This is in the Meteor Docs, and in MANY examples in tutorials & videos.

Meteor is very similar with any front-end you pick, so in another thread you asked about Blaze vs. React. There are slight differences in how the front-ends work & handle data, but what Meteor will do for you is the same. Vue is my favorite front-end, but I have done projects with Blaze & tried React. Front-ends have come down to personal preference if you already have experience with one, you should probably use that. If you’ve never used any front-end, you might want to select that 1st.

Build something really simple with each front-end that you might be considering. I just love how Vue handles data and how it works with html, it just seems ideal to me, but that’s me. Watch starter videos on each front-end of your choice where Meteor is NOT being used and you’ll get a better feel of which one feels right.

Happy developing :rocket:Start writing JavaScript and you’ll come out the other end with an app :raised_hands:


Also @flaviocopes made a really nice Beginner’s Guide to Meteor, check it out here!

@flaviocopes also has many great JS tutorials and shows getting started info about each front-end that is common in the JS community today.

Hope this helps :+1: