React Ecosystem and dropping Meteor

With the React/Redux ecosystem, I am struggling to justify continuing to use Meteor. I don’t necessarily have a ‘reactive’ applicaiton, I do like the fact that some parts of my applicaton update silently, e.g. table of products after editing the product record, however I don’t like the fact that the contents of the product from might update while I am editing it. Perhaps I haven’t quite got my head around how to control data updates, but do you have any alternative recommendations (than using Meteor) for having a backend provide data from either an API call or pub/sub ?

Maybe this isn’t the right forum for this discussion? Probably better to ask such questions in the React forums.


Hoping too find like-minded individual who used to like Metero and now finds it a shoe-horning exercise.

I agree with @awatson1978, this isn’t really the right forum for this question, and the title is unlikely to lead to a productive discussion. Seeing that you already opened another thread to answer the actual question you have, I’m going to close this one.