React example apps?

Are there any open-source Meteor + React apps?

I’ve read through the tutorial app simple-todos-react and would like to see more examples.

You can try this example. It is a way more complete TodoApp example (like the Blaze tutorial on


I think your link is broken. :wink:

Adam Brodzinski has some good stuff:


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Sorry, fixed it (forgot the https).

Here it is.

If I refresh a couple times I sometimes see a list of tasks from different users for like half a second before it resets to what’s actually in the Tasks collection. Not sure if your publisher is leaking data it shouldn’t before it corrects itself or you deployed with tests that run on refresh.

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The SSR is including everyone’s private tasks, you’re right. I’ll take a look, this should not happen.

It has been fixed in the example. You need to make sure you are not leaking data in your getMeteorData() for the server-redning. I’ll need to fix reactrouter:react-router-ssr so that it only returns the data of the subscriptions. I’m not even sure it is possible to do that on the server.

@camiel Now react-router-ssr has a protection against leaking data. It will automaticlly filter collections to only what you subscribed with Mteor.publish. This is so import to make sure no data is leaking. Thanks for reporting that :smile:

Thanks for the submissions. There’s also the leaderboard example done with react+material UI

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Does anyone have examples of meteor 1.3 and react app with basic authentication and few CRUD models?

Have a look at Meteor-React start-app with Meteor release 1.3-modules-beta with React and React Router via NPM

It uses the basic authentication and also a CRUD model for Tasks.