React Exception from Tracker recompute function

I’m setting up some basic route authentication at the layout level with React.

It’s really simple stuff, yet I get a Tracker recompute error and Security Error: DOM Exception 18 upon running my auth code:

checkAuth = () => {
  if (this.props.user === null) this.context.router.push("/login");
  if (this.props.user && !this.props.verified) this.context.router.push("/verify");

componentWillMount = this.checkAuth;
componentWillUpdate = this.checkAuth;

Anyone have any experience with this, or know how to fix it? I can tell you that the component running this code is surrounded by a reactive container passing data through props.

Anyone at all? Please let me know.

I think we need the whole code as this snipped looks not like proper code

It’s contained within a react component, and that react component is contained within Meteor’s createContainer.

The createContainer is used at the route level.