React Fire - upcoming breaking changes in React

POTENTIALLY, upcoming breaking changes with future versions of React. I’m onboard.

“Modernizing” (read: creating nightmares)

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I read it as getting rid of technical debt. That will always break something.


While it’s exciting, the issue I’ve seen with the abandoned libraries catching up, their move fast and break things mentality is not that useful for those who want build stable business.

Imagine the outcry if Meteor took similar approach toward backward compatibility, breaking changes that require major re-write for the entire ecosystem every year!


React has done similar things with version 16 by deprecating componentWillReceiveProps() et. al. And I have confidence that they are taking the right approach e.g. discussing with the community while also figuring out the best migration approach.

react-team has always been very careful with api-changes and showed deprecation warnings very early, so I am confident that the team will tackle these challenges.

also, for most users, these changes should not be a big deal.


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