React hooks is out! [Update]


I created a quick side project to test out React Hooks - love it!

I’m trying to deploy it live, but get the error:

npm peer requirements (for react-meteor-data) not installed:
 - react@16.7.0-alpha.2 installed, react@15.3 - 16 needed

Funnily enough, the same project, with Hooks, deployed just fine a couple of days ago. I suspect it has something to do with React’s release of React 16.7 which is messing with some of the dependencies (well, in this case, specifically react-meteor-data).

But that doesn’t make full sense to me as it works fine in a dev environment.

Anyone have any idea/guidance?


React 16.8 with stable hooks is officially out:


For anyone who hasn’t tried it (react hooks in general - I haven’t used the stable version on Meteor just yet), I highly recommend it!


Goodbye HCP wrapper hell. Goodbye unrelated code in lifecyle methods :slight_smile: