React-Ionic: create iOS and Android apps with React and Meteor


Hey all,

I just released the first version of React-Ionic. Think of Meteoric with React instead of Blaze:

Please give it a try and let me know what you think…


Great work! Thanks! What are your thoughts on using this for mobile web as well?



The advantage of using Ionic instead of React Native is exactly that. It works out of the box on the web. It might need some CSS tweaking to make it more usable for a desktop browser of course, but that should be easy to do with some media queries.


PS and yes, on the mobile web it works as well of course, no need to do anything extra.


This looks great!

Thank you for opening the door to react with ionic - looking forward to going through the demo this weekend

It’s getting hard to keep up these days, so sorry to bother you -> but it looks like this enables hot code push on cordova, if using Meteor build…or im wrong?



Yes, it will be just another Meteor with Cordova build so hot code push is supported.



I read your blog.
I don’t know how you superstars do it all - start up, projects, travelling to Greece…
But Im very grateful for what you do

Hope your enjoying the better bits of the Balkans