React.js or angular.js?

Should I learn first react.js or angular.js before learning meteor?

thanks in advance

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This is very much a question that will lead to subjective answers. :slight_smile: I would say go for React. I find it far more elegant than Angular, plus it could serve as a nice segue into React Native which would definitely broaden your skill set and make you more valuable.

Simple answer: Search local area for jobs, pick the one with the most jobs.

Hard answer: Use both for a bit, choose the one that you enjoy using the most. You’re going to be writing lots of code, might as well enjoy it.

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The same could be said for Angular, Ionic will be upgrading to Angular 2.0 also. Huge demand in this space atm.

The big difference between React Native and Ionic, though, is that Ionic uses Cordova, which can really limit you as far as true native behavior. IMO attention will move away from Cordova eventually and focus more on React Native as it matures.