React JS prerendering

Hello Friends,

I have a query to ask, If someone in our group can share the knowhow.
We had made a reactjs website and it google is unable to index it. I dont want to opt for any third party paid tool.


I would recomend first using Google Search Console to see if Google can see your pages meta data (it has a way of doing Live URL Test). If it doesn’t see your data but you do have the metadata configured, you will most likely need to setup something like Prerender (they do have a free version - it might be more than enough for your page).

Thanks for the information, do you have any Article or Links that I can follow?

Hi @sarojdas,

do you use MeteorJS?

@sarojdas yes I do, you can check the step by step of setting up Prerender here: SEO Beginners Guide for Meteor, React & Prerender | Codify Tools. About testing in Google Search Console, sadly that part I dont have any link/reference.