React + Material UI + Other React Questions


Hey folks.
Just trying out React for the first time, so mind me if I sound like a complete noob.

I’m trying to use Material UI with my to do list app,
I installed it using NPM, and am trying to import the AppBar from the package, but I’m getting errors regarding a muiTheme.


warning.js:44 Warning: Failed Context Types: Required context muiTheme was not specified in AppBar.
Check the render method of MainLayout.

My ‘MainLayout’ code is this - (while looking at this as well, is this a proper way of writing react code?
I’m following the LevelUp Tutorials Meteor + React For Everyone -

import React from 'react';
import AccountsUI from '../AccountsUI.jsx';
import AppBar from 'material-ui/AppBar';

export const MainLayout = ({content}) => (
  <div className="main-layout">

Any ideas?


See my answer here:


Cheers. I’ll try that out.