React-mentions with meteor

I’m trying to get react-mentions to work with meteor. Every time I type something in the textarea, the value resets.
An example is deployed at and the code is at github

Can someone help me? I’m not sure where I should report this bug…

You need to finish the implementation of the plugin. You need to also specify an onChange handler, in which you should use the this.setState method to update the value of this.state.value.

It works! Thank you!

Does this still work for you? It’s not working for me. I downloaded your project and ran it and it worked. But then I upgraded to Meteor 1.2.1 for your project and then it broke. I’m getting:

Warning: require('react/addons') is deprecated. Access using require('react-addons-{addon}') instead.warning @ warning.js:45require.react/addons../lib/ReactWithAddons @ addons:4s @ _prelude.js:1(anonymous function) @ MentionsInput.js:1284../Mention @ MentionsInput.js:621s @ _prelude.js:1(anonymous function) @ _prelude.js:1286../Mention @ index.js:2s @ _prelude.js:1(anonymous function) @ _prelude.js:12.radium @ _stream_0.js:18s @ _prelude.js:1e @ _prelude.js:1(anonymous function) @ _prelude.js:1(anonymous function) @ upper-case.js:51
_prelude.js:1 Uncaught Error: Cannot find module 'react/lib/emptyFunction'

I had the same error. Try to clear browserify and npm caches :wink:

Did clearing the browserify & npm caches solve your issue?