React, Meteor, and Polymer


I’m trying to get Polymer web components working nicely with React in a Meteor app. So far, I’ve been pretty successful with a mixin that I wrote:

I’m using to get the Polymer imports into the project, and I used Differential’s .bowerrc suggestion (put all Polymer stuff into /public) to make sure all the Polymer <template> tags don’t interfere with Blaze.

I’m having some problems getting the Polymer “themes” working properly and Cordova is a bit dodgey, but I’m really liking Polymer and I’m hoping to work out the kinks to get these 3 playing nicely together.

UPDATE: I created a theme.html file which contains a <style is="custom-style"> tag. Inside that is the CSS I downloaded from the Polymer theming site. I then added my theme.html file to the vulcanize.json file and the theme works! Cordova is still not working, but I found that vulcanize is the problem here.

Any help and contributions are welcome!