React-Meteor-Data Stream Data with Limit

I am using Meteor with React. I am Loading my data with react-meteor-data ( I’m wrapping my component in a createContainer, which subscribes and returns the data). I am giving a limit parameter to my subscription, which limits the data published from the server side. This limit is increased by a Javascript event, and transmitted via a Meteor session variable.

My problem ist that: Every time I increase the limit my React-Component totally refreshes. I would like to only add the missing data to the view, not refreshing the old data.

Furthermore I have the feeling that when the limit operator within my publication function is changed the whole collection is reloaded, meaning not only the additional documents that are missing, is this true?

When I publish the full Collection on the server-side and set the limit to the client collection my react component only adds the missing data, without reloading the page.

Not sure if you saw this forum topic: createContainer and infinite scrolling

Nope. But I’ll check it right now. Thx