React Native and Meteor

there’s a dialog on github about using React as a front-end instead of Blaze.

Given the open sourcing yesterday of React native, which has incredible feel compared to janky mobile web apps, I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger deal in the community.

There seem to be a few different ways to hook up meteor and react.
from avital
I understand the react-meteor author was previously working on react at facebook, and the mixin approach looks nice.
Any comments on pros/cons for these?

Has anyone tried out react native to work with meteor as yet?
How much work is involved over web based react + meteor?

React-native uses a different markup language, so you would lose web support by switching, but presumably there’s a workflow to enable switching based on context. Has anyone made progress with something like that?


Not an expert but as far as I know react native uses js bridge to run its own code. If meteor itself can be run on this bridge id imagine that will be all support we need.


they use JSCore, and all of the rendering code is native. they also reimplemented flexbox to run those views. there’s more detail in the github thread.

React native supports NPM modules so I guess we could use node-ddp for doing the stuff.

What we want here is to be able to create mobile applications with Meteor ; cordova provides a solution, but the problem is that the DOM is not as good as native widgets in term of UX.

React Native is not the only library solving this need of native mobile apps in JavaScript, it’s also worth studying several alternatives:

Since there is some community interest to build a Blaze Native, one strategy would be to use one of the above project (or react native) runtime (eg,, and map it to Meteor APIs (Blaze AST, Tracker, Collections, etc.).

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