React-Native baked into Meteor instead of Cordova

Are there any plans to adopt React-Native into the ecosystem at any point?

Been working with react-native-meteor but struggling to get it up and running under certain circumstances.

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I guess this one should work:

I don’t think that there will be a deep integration like Cordova. Cordova is HTML, while a normal Meteor application also serves HTML on the frontend, so it’s logical to combine both. React Native is about serving native elements on the client, so we need only a connection to our Meteor backend and, if possible, the tools we use (f.e. Minimongo) in a none browser environment. MCB should give you this possibility.


I’d suggest using an Apollo/Meteor back-end. Then you push to galaxy.

Then create an expo app (uses CRNA). Use react-apollo in your expo/react-native app with the uri set to

There are a lot of react-native + apollo examples and stackoverflow answers (even the expo team uses apollo for their own react-native app).

So you have Meteor for your build system and the accounts. You can still use simple schema. Then you use apollo for querying data and CRUD (and meteor-apollo-accounts for client-side login/logout etc)

The downside is if you don’t know graphql. You can pick it up in a few days though… there’s more and more learning material. Check out stephen griders udemy course. GraphQL saves so much time (define data relations once in one place) then just use (essentially) neseted objects to return exactly what you need.

Apollo is also nice for infinite loading, helpers for showing if a query is loading or not. Lots of nice helpers that every app needs.

The other downside is subscriptions take a minute to setup and that updating after CRUD operations is a little confusing at first (there’s like 10 options for updating the UI after simple add/edit/delete).


Thanks for the feedback - will check Apollo out. Have not touched it yet.

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