React-Native ddp-client is not Connecting for Android

Could any one please Help me out that how to make connection using ddp-client for react-native android , if possible please provide a work-around, I also not found any relevant help that how to debug my react-native android application ,So please provide me guidence for that also if possible

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Below is a nice implementation that works with both ios and android on react native.

I imagine MDG’s future npm package for graphql-relay could be a future replacement.

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It should work. Try this example:

The example there uses a stripped down version of ddp-client that directly uses the WebSocket polyfill instead of the faye-websocket dependency.

I’m not really a fan of react-native-meteor due to how limiting it is with the data that comes from its subscriptions.

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Would u mind elaborate? What’s the gotchas?

Your publication can only return data from the same collection. You can’t return like an array of collection cursors of different collections last I checked. Also you can’t do observers on a collection wide level only on individual documents.