React Native + Meteor = Hot Code Push?

If I build a react native app with Meteor and submit to Apple store. Would I be able to still live-update the app with hot code push without resubmitting?


Meteor currently does not support development with React Native, but it is something I’m personally very excited about.

Your question about updating an app on the App Store with Hot Code Push without resubmitting could be interpreted in different ways:

  1. Will Apple allow Hot Code Push to be used with a React Native app? It is my understanding that they would. While executing downloaded JavaScript code in WebKit [has always been allowed] (, they recently clarified this rule to add JavaScriptCore, which is what React Native uses to execute code. Of course, you still have to comply with the other rules (not change the primary purpose of the app, etc.)

  2. Are there any technical reasons a React Native app would not be able to use Hot Code Push? Much depends on what an integration would look like, but I don’t believe there are. Like the current Cordova integration, live updates should be possible as long as they do not require changes to native code (e.g. Cordova plugins or React Native modules/views).

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Is there any roadmap or timeline for react native support? This is one hold up I’m having with using Meteor for my next project. I’d really like to use the new official react + meteor pattern for my native apps. I know there are some solutions like out there, but I really like the official implementation with react.

All I can say for sure is that it is not in scope for the Meteor 1.2 release.

Beyond that, while I personally think React Native is amazing technology that would be a great addition to Meteor’s mobile support, integrations take time to do well and much depends on how this work aligns with the rest of the roadmap. It may also make sense to wait for React Native to mature a little bit (I’m thinking of Android support, the build toolchain, a good module system/dependency management, etc.).

As you mentioned, there are existing community solutions out there for using Meteor and React Native together, and these may help you get started even though they are less integrated with the rest of the stack.

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React native needs polyfills for the client Meteor bundle to work. Harrison also has another repo that started this but I’m not sure if there has been any work done to it. I had hoped to contribute but I’ve been swamped lately.

You can still use DDP methods or a JSON API for the interim. I’m doing the latter for my react native app. It doesn’t even have to be restful, it could be a custom endpoint that returns the same data that a Meteor publication would.

You can use codepush project.