React Native Meteor looking for contributors - needs community support

Yikes!!! just noticed this.

For Meteor dev I see this as a critical component, as an alternative to Cordova.

We’re definitely keen to help out… not sure who else is keen???

I switched to apollo for this reason

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yep, we plan to go there… just not in one huge jump. So we were hoping we could use Meteor with RN as a stepping stone.

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Willing to help out where needed. Hoping to also get a port of collection2 up to npm which integrates with this package to add simple schema validation.

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Did you still need the react-native-meteor package to use the methods login methods? Or did you use something else?

I use this for my react native project now :

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meteor apollo accounts, but I was running into an issue with their change password mutation and also having trouble on Android always throwing errors from the promise (even though the signup/login was successful). So a few weird ones. Maybe they’re fixed now.