React Navigation + Meteor

I’m curious if anyone has looked into using React Navigation with a meteor web app and had any luck. I’m working on a project now where I am building a React Native app with Meteor as the back end, and using meteor to build the web interface. For consistency’s sake and to help with code sharing, I would like to use React Navigation for both projects if I can figure out how to do so (I also like the API). I tested things out this past weekend, but didn’t get too far on the Meteor side of things. It’s a new project, but has anyone else tried it with a meteor project?

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I’m trying, but have issues with react-navigation missing react-native. That’s in spite of already using react-native through aliasing it to react-native-web in Meteor, like

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor'
import 'react-native-web'

  node_modules: {
    "react-native": "react-native-web"

(can then import from react-native later on.)