React not working

In Todo App with React second step I’m getting blank page and I should get list of 3 items. I was getting resolve error for React but i reinstalled it and now there’s no error but still no text on page. Anyone had this problem?

Uncaught Error: Target container is not a DOM element.
at invariant (modules.js?hash=7299723300d38749c3ae54909520d7298c5ff155:2697)
at legacyRenderSubtreeIntoContainer (modules.js?hash=7299723300d38749c3ae54909520d7298c5ff155:20989)
at render (modules.js?hash=7299723300d38749c3ae54909520d7298c5ff155:21068)
at Meteor.startup (main.js:8)
at maybeReady (meteor.js?hash=1f49b977b0beabbfeaa0ef0bdb87e0693971b18c:927)
at HTMLDocument.loadingCompleted (meteor.js?hash=1f49b977b0beabbfeaa0ef0bdb87e0693971b18c:939)