React, Please let me React 😒

First, thanks for those pretty packages in our projects and the hard work background! :astonished:

but today i catch the error in browser gived by React-runtime-dev.js, i have tried all day to slove this problem, but from moring to now night, nothing fixed :sleepy: :, the error is following( please dispear, i want to code)

Uncaught Error: Invariant Violation: addComponentAsRefTo(...): Only a ReactOwner can have refs. 
This usually means that you're trying to add a ref to a component that doesn't have an owner (that is, was not created inside of another component's `render` method). 
Try rendering this component inside of a new top-level component which will hold the ref.

I use react package and universe:modules to get React work with Meteor. And use alt to work with flux, I really enjoy write code this way. But today from morning to now tonight, I’m disturbed by this error. Yes, I really use refs to catch my input value, however, even I delete all refs in my project, this error appears too.

I have googled this problem, and what I find is that maybe react.js is double required, however, I really don’t know where cause this, packages installed are following:



npm-to-client is my private package, use cosmos:browserify@0.5.0 to browserify

"react-bootstrap": "0.24.5",
"alt": "0.17.1"

this is my project repo, I want to set a meteor forum in china use meteor + react. :grinning:, now i have got account react component done.

i really need help~ thanks.
if need more info, please just @ me, online waiting

oh, maybe this is a disturb bug discussed here Warn when two versions of React are used alongside, but now i don’t know how to fix my project, but i want to have a try. :imp:

may the browserify send a react imported by react-bootstrap as its peerDependence? :smirk: