React, React Router & Meteor Accounts Routing...?

I have an application that is entirely React based and it utilises React Router for routing, I also use the accounts-password package to give me a simple accounts system.

This all works fine for login, as I’ve rolled my own login form and just call Meteor.loginWithPassword() to perform the login itself. But then it comes to things like the password reset email URLs & the enrollment email URLs and clearly at present they go nowhere…

So what is the easiest way to implement my own pages for these “extra” bits of accounts functionality? And are there supporting methods, like Meteor.loginWithPassword to allow me to “enroll” someone, etc. ? And if so, how do I go about setting up the routes that will be used, etc?

I’ve found this function available on the client, that seems to deal with enrollment emails:

But I can’t see how that would be triggered without somehow tying it into the router…

you could also implement Auth0, a third-party accounts-as-a-service provider. It’s have many more features than Meteor accounts, such as “sign in as user”, and allows you to take you users with you if you ever migrate away from Meteor. We’re using it both Meteor-Blaze and Meteor-React apps.

i haven’t tried the Meteor React demo apps, but isn’t there a React version of TODO? If those demo apps have accounts then maybe you can find a solution in there?

It’s less about the React bit, and more about the React Router support, ie. None.

And while I may have considered Auth0 in the past, as we’ve got hundreds of users using the old Meteor Accounts package with no issues, I’d like to keep it all the same for ease of porting. (This is old Blaze, Iron Router, etc.)

Maybe I’m wrong, but you can set

Accounts.urls.resetPassword = (token) => {
  return Meteor.absoluteUrl(`reset-password/${token}`);

and in React Router create route to reset-password/:token and do everything you want.

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right, i thought it would solve your issues since that email verifications are handled by auth0 instead of meteor.

We have nearly 5K users, and Auth0 is configured so that whenever an existing user tried to sign-in it will validate their login with Meteor then migrate the user to Auth0. To be honest implementing Auth0 was a lot more work than we expected. But it does have a lot of advantages compared to Meteor accounts, so thought I’d suggest it. Our primary reason switching to Auth0 was so that our current users of “app A” could use their existing account to sign-in to a “app B”–a new service we are launching.

Do you have any public example/repo abou Meteor+React+Auth0?
It’ll be great.
Thank you (-:

Thanks for the suggestion, but for now, if I can find a way around this issue, I need something relatively quick at this point, so I’ll stick with Meteor Accounts. Once it’s done however, I may well have time to come back and re-look, so thanks for the tip!

Perhaps I need to test this more thoroughly, but my understanding was that the callback was fired by the “hooks” in Iron/Flow Router once it detected the user had been pushed to the “Enrollment URL”, or whatever. If it somehow detects it another way, cookie, or param, etc. then this may well work… I’ll have a lookie.

yeah, we’d like to factor the code out into a demo repo for the community but just haven’t had the time as we are in the middle of launching a new app right now

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Sorry, but I tried your code and Accounts.urls is undefined, so…?

Account --> Accounts

Good point, but I’d actually done the code correctly!

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'resetPassword' of undefined(…)

Keep in mind all I have is accounts-password

You do this on the server, right?

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Uhh…Ummm… Yeah, of course I did! :flushed:
Oh look at that, it works now all of a sudden! So where is this code documented in the API I’m a bit lost, it seems!

Glad it’s working now.
I don’t think this is a documented feature…

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So what does this do…? When I generate a reset password email, it changes the URL embedded within it? Or?

Yes, It only changes the url.
But that’s enough, because now you can configure your router to deal with it.
Meteor will leave the url alone and not direct you to a Accounts.onResetPasswordLink

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Awesome… I’ll give this a go and see where I get too.

As you might expect, you can also do this for verification e-mails by setting Accounts.urls.verifyEmail