React + REST + Meteor + MongoDB Project

Hi! Let me introduce first the main problems we are facing in my company:

  • We are a streaming platform that allows users to upload their videos and configure their players with our actual webapp. We don’t stream anything actually, we just provide the methods, UI and more to make it possible to our clients.
  • We need to implement a REST api that is connected to a database and serve to multiple clients, 2 of them will be ours.
  • Our company will develop a REST API and 2 different clients (backoffice and public interface).

We are developing each project individually in Meteor, using React and MongoDB but we want to make that clients REACTIVE and…well, we use REST. So, we don’t know what tools/patterns have available to manage this stuff.

Any thoughts?

If you’re still wanting real-time reactivity using REST, I think you would need something like this? I don’t think it would be anything specific to Meteor.

Actually that library is deprecated and no longer mantained…

I was asking about any related functionality of React or Meteor (packages maybe?) that may be evident and I was not aware of ^^".

Thanks for this. I’m was looking for example on how to use “Webhooks” or some type of callback system for my Web APIs.

I wonder if there are examples of any good patterns for this using something like a Meteor HTTP post call by chance?