React-router-4 new docs & API

For thus who haven’t seen it:

It’s currently in beta-2.


I am still using flow-router.
I want to try using react router - especially after arunoda stepped down from maintaining it.
I did try to use it a long while back but couldn’t get it working the same as flow-router so I just gave up.
Don’t remember what happened exactly.

What is the general feeling using it with Meteor?
I use react so it seems like it would make sense to use it…


We made a package for that.

It’s still in development but the react-router beta-2 will be fully supported really soon.

Check it out :

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SWEET. This is like finding a christmas present you were suppose to get a month ago.

Modern devs often say its bad to rely on “one man army” modules when it comes to routing.
Routing should be the only function router provides and that’s true for react-router.

But there’s flow-router and other routers with complex logic and state awareness, they try to serve tasks, such as state management or data consistency checks - something, react-router is not intended to do as there’re things like redux for that. In short - react-router alone cannot replace flow-router if you made use of it it to its fullest.

SWEET. This is like finding a christmas present you were suppose to get a month ago.

So true, so sad. :weary:

Flow Router is pretty opinionated about being only a router. Maybe you’re thinking about Iron Router?

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Both provide more options than RR does :stuck_out_tongue:
But you’re correct, Iron is clearly better example in such comparison

And now, our little package uses these new API: Check out the sample demo project for some common use case scenario.

I wonder if NativeRouter will win out the great react-native router war of 2016?

does it dehydrates/rehydrates the current react state? is it easy to access normal POST (PUT and other types is a plus) data?

It does. On the server the collections used for injection in the HTML payload are even cached and observed so that caching gets automatically invalidated. We have also added support for 304 (HTTP HEAD / e-tag support) to avoid network roundtrips when users are frenetically hitting F5.

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