React-Router v4 + Express - ssrwpo:ssr - 2.3.0

We have just release our 2.3.0 of SSR.

Here are the changes:

  • react-helmet: 5.X API.
  • sitemap.xml helper has been removed in favor of sitemap.js.
  • humans.txt has been added as available static routes.
  • Replace logatim & winston with pino for universal logging, remove any logger dependency.
  • Fasten hash calculations using only content from store & WebApp.clientHash.
  • HTML minification with html-minifier.
  • In production, set as async for all external scripts.

Happy coding!


Special thanks to Alexandre Tabbuso for the new logo :thumbsup:

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Thanks for this package, i have started using it recently and i’m loving it! I did however hit a snag when trying to use it with Cordova (ios specifically) for some reason it doesn’t work, I left an [issue on the repo] (

I’m going to dedicate some time to debugging it later this week.

Great Job!

Hi @floydprice, I’m only aware of one user using this package with Cordova. I did some update to make it bypass calls to /_cordova URL ( But bypassing this URL could be not enough as the client side app would be empty. My guess is that we should deliver an HTML payload on this URL containing the serialized content of the store.

I submitted a PR which resolves the issue.

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Super nice. I’m preparing a 2.6.0 release, at least for the NPM packages updates.

We are almost at it. On iOS, what you’ve done allows the app to start. Unfortunately the data inserted in the HTML payload is lost. We should find a measure to compensate this lost. A simple method could do the trick. On Android, the situation is a bit confusing. The APK isn’t installed something prevents Meteor to distribute it in development. Something is missing in our rules.

I can spend some time looking at Android too

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With great pleasure :smile: