React-template-helper for v1.3?

So I’m looking at upgrading my app to v1.3 as a sort of “test” of what’s to come, and among other things, I’d like to switch to using the latest version of React and React-DOM from NPM rather than the atmosphere packaged versions.

However, I am still in the process of converting my application piece-by-piece from Blaze, to React. As such I make heavy usage of the react-template-helper package to help render React components inside Blaze templates, and will continue to do so until I have converted everything across and can then swap flow-router to using react-layout instead of blaze-layout.

But how can I do this, as react-template-helper relies on react-runtime!?

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In Meteor 1.3 react runtime just uses the react you install with NPM. So you don’t have to worry about loading react twice.

Ah awesome, so it’s perfectly fine to continue to use react-template-helper as-is with the NPM version? Cool.

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