React tutorial is crashing

In step 2 of the react tutorial, I’m getting this error:
Task.jsx:15 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘object’ of undefined
at Task.jsx (Task.jsx:15)

which is the line:
task: PropTypes.object.isRequired,

Looks like an import issue.

Remove PropTypes import and definition (in bold below) -
they have been deprecated in React.

import React, { Component, PropTypes } from ‘react’;

// Task component - represents a single todo item
export default class Task extends Component {
render() {
return (

  • {this.props.task.text}

  • );

    Task.propTypes = {
    // This component gets the task to display through a React prop.
    ** // We can use propTypes to indicate it is required**
    task: PropTypes.object.isRequired,

    Thanks @pal. That got it working. How do I let the MDG know about the change needed to the turorial scripts?

    Open a new issue here:

    There’s been an issue open since 18th May (13th April on the Tutorial repo itself). Nothing has been done to fix this, and it now means that the Simple ToDos tutorial can’t be done in React at the moment without deviating from the published code.

    Have the developers stopped supporting Meteor? Should I look elsewhere for a framework to learn?