React Virtualized

Is anyone using this library? The grid looks amazing, and incredibly performant if you’re dealing with large datasets.


This looks really cool!

There’s a commonjs and es6 distro, I’m still figuring out how to set it up with Meteor.

I assume you just do:

npm install react-virtualized --save

Like it says in the top of the docs?

For sure, but there’s also a css file you have to import – not sure where that should go. I tried importing into a component file (even changing extension to .mss) and no luck. Maybe I need to specify the full path like ‘node_modules/blah/blah/styles.css’ ?

I’ve just used a few days ago, worked fine with Meteor.


Yeah I think you might need the full path?

This doesn’t appear to be working. I’ve tried:

// client/modules/core/alt_layout.js
import '{}/node_modules/react-virtualized/styles.css'
import '{react-virtualized}/styles.css'
import 'node_modules/react-virtualized/styles.css'


  • putting the import first
  • changing to .scss

These methods don’t seem to work, so for now i’ve just dropped the file into /public and include it using React Helmet . . probably not the best solution. /shrug

What about
import ‘react-virtualized/styles.css’ ?

It worked fine for me with materialize-css via NPM.

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