Reactive PostgreSQL: numtel:pg

The Postgres complement to my MySQL package is now available for you applications!

The interface is almost the exact same except for the events emitted by the subscriptions are now only update and updated (before/after change, respectively).

Data changes use less bandwidth than numtel:mysql due to a better diffing algorithm using row hashes.

To get started quickly, there is also the leaderboard example converted to use Postgres.


This has been fixed in version 1.0.0!

There is a known issue with memory usage shown in the load test on the underlying NPM package. I’ve been measuring the memory usage for different cases and trying to get the exact cause. Any contribution to help fix this is very welcome.

Just released version 1.0.0 that fixes the memory leak.

pg-live-select has been rewritten to use ES5 and callbacks instead of Babel and Promises and the memory usage has stabilized.

The major version increase is due to a small breaking change with the LivePg.prototype.cleanup() method. It now accepts one argument, a callback function instead of returning a Promise.

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