Reactive Programming with Mobx

I recently interviewed the creator of Mobx and talked to him about what it is, why to use it, and what inspired it (hint: Meteor’s tracker lib). Give it a watch:


I’ve been trying to use it in a pattern, and I have not been terribly successful. That being said, MobX is phenomenal in combination with React and Meteor.


We created a package to integrate Tracker-enabled data sources with MobX


Oh, thanks for watching and thanks for sharing that package!

need more example, how tracker-mobx-autorun work with react !!!


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Yes, I think a lack of information about mobx + meteor is the mobx major weakness.

I started using it a month ago with a meteor on a small project. Actually, it was not so easy to connect the mobx with a tracker. You can google just a few github issues with discussions how to integrate it with meteor and all the solutions not so obvious.

But thanks to a tracker-mobx-autorun and @darkomijic for some help and the magic happened. Mobx took all the ‘shouldComponentUpdate’ work themselves. And now, when the whole project built fully on mobx, I figure out that the magic is gone. Somehow every action which interacts with meteor data starts whole rerendering everything it can.

And the problem that you can’t just google for a similar problem because there is no information. Neither you can find some big open source project with mobx-meteor and have a look how people handle data.

And now, for me seems most simple solution is to forget about meteor tracker and switch right away to the apollo.

Are things really that bad?
I thought of switching to Mobx, it would be disappointing if it couldn’t work with meteor data properly…

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you don’t have to use the tracker method. I just use mobs for stores and component specific coolness. works perfectly. Just use it instead of this.setState…

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Michele just posted an interesting article about React Context and how Mobx can help avoid issues there: