Reactive table use filter for template 'tmpl" to use to render cells in a column

Hello. To display information from the collection of the data as a table I use the package “Reactive Table”. One of the information contained in the data collection is the “ID” of the user who writes the data to the data collection.
Using the code:

{key: 'osobaKolegiumId', label: 'Uczestnik kolegium', tmpl: Template._userUczestniczacyKolegium}

Displaying the value of the template “_userUczestniczacyKolegium”

The problem is that the built-in filter package “Reactive Table” does not filter data on the basis of the information contained in the template “_userUczestniczacyKolegium”

html file:

<template name="_userUczestniczacyKolegium">

js file:

import { Meteor } from 'meteor/meteor';
import { Template } from 'meteor/templating';

import './_user-uczestniczacy-kolegium.html';

Template._userUczestniczacyKolegium.onCreated( () => {
  Template.instance().subscribe( 'usersProfile' );

  author: function () {
    var osobaKolegiumId = Meteor.users.findOne({ _id: this.osobaKolegiumId });
    return osobaKolegiumId.username;

You have to implement custom filter.

No. I read about this possibility but being honest I do not know how to use it

Approach here is to find in custom filter what you need by giving query string then from founded document fetch chunk of data that ReactiveTable aware of and set filter to that value.

Thanks for your help and get down to work, I hope that with success.