ReactiveDict is no more?

ReactiveDict is no longer mentioned in the official API docs, apart from in some change logs? Is it to be part of history?

I might be doing something wrong, but the reactivity in the Dict is not what I expect


this.selectedTicketsDict = new reactiveDict()


"change #selectedTickets": function(e,t){ ? t.selectedTicketsDict.set(,  true) : t.selectedTicketsDict.delete(;


 selectedTicketsCount: function(){
        return Object.keys(Template.instance().selectedTicketsDict.keys).length;

the helper is in this situation static, does not react to the changes in the selectedTicketsDict, not reactive

If I instead do:

this.selectedTicketsCount = new ReactiveVar(0);

"change #deployment selectedTickets": function(e,t){ ? t.selectedTicketsDict.set(,  true) : t.selectedTicketsDict.delete(;

and the helper:

 selectedTicketsCount: function(){
        //return Object.keys(Template.instance().selectedTicketsDict.keys).length;
        return Template.instance().selectedTicketsCount.get();

Then I get reactivity. I do not see my error.

The .keys attribute is not reactive. You probably want to use .all() (Functions in Meteor are reactive, but attributes are not).:

return Object.keys(Template.instance().selectedTicketsDict.all()).length

Also, I’m not really sure why ReactiveDict (reactive-dict) isn’t documented anymore – I don’t believe it’s deprecated. Do you mind opening an issue on the Meteor Docs repository?

Thanks, that did the trick!