ReactiveDict - module not found

I posted a something similar yesterday but narrowed down the issue since then. I’m new to Meteor, so apologies in advance if this is annoyingly elementary…

I’m working my way through the TODO APP tutorial and have run into a road block getting Reactive to work in step 7. Temporary UI State

When I open the app in my browser, it is properly stylized but without content, and I’m receiving this error message:

After reading simliar forum posts, I tried updating my version of Meteor – still no luck. Can anyone help?

Below is my body.js –

import { Template } from ‘meteor/templating’;
import { ReactiveDict } from ‘meteor/reactive-dict’;

import { Tasks } from ‘…/api/tasks.js’;

import ‘./task.js’;
import ‘./body.html’;

Template.body.onCreated(function bodyOnCreated() {
this.state = new ReactiveDict();

tasks() {
const instance = Template.instance();
if (instance.state.get(‘hideCompleted’)) {
// If hide completed is checked, filter tasks
return Tasks.find({ checked: { $ne: true } }, { sort: { createdAt: -1 } });
// Otherwise, return all of the tasks
return Tasks.find({}, { sort: { createdAt: -1 } }); // 4.3 show newest tasks at top

// 4.2 Add event handler for form submit{
‘submit .new-task’(event) {
// Prevent default browser form submit

// Get value from form element
const target =;
const text = target.text.value;

// Insert a task into the collection
createdAt: new Date(), // current time

// Clear form
target.text.value = ‘’;
‘change .hide-completed input’(event, instance) {

Did you run meteor add reactive-dict in your shell?

I did…nothing of note happened, but I’m not sure what to expect.

Go to your project in the shell and run meteor list and see if reactive-dict shows up there.

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success! it wasn’t there when i ran the list as you suggested. i ran ‘meteor add reactive-dict’, and for some reason, it worked this time. i’m wondering if it was because i hadn’t started the app – only accessed the file. either way, it’s working now. thanks!