ReactiveMethod to update template periodically



import { ReactiveMethod} from 'meteor/simple:reactive-method';

	'status': function () {
		let status ='Staging.status');

		return status;


<template name="staging">

	<table class="table">
		<tr><th>New Documents</th><td>{{}}</td></tr>
		<tr><th>Documents in Error</th><td>{{status.error}}</td></tr>

I have tried multiple different versions of this, which always lead to ReactiveMethod complaining it can’t be used outside of a Tracker Computation.

Ideally I’d want the values to update for example on a set interval of 5 seconds, but I can’t wrap to interval without “…outside Tracker Computation”-error.

How to achieve this without having to publish anything from the collection to the client - I just want counts via

Now only way to get updated values is by refreshing browser, which is far from ideal…


If you want to control the interval manually, why use ReactiveMethod?
The point of that one is to be… reactive?
Just use a normal method call

   var instance = this;
   instance.status = new ReactiveVar();
   instance.statusCheck = function(){"checkStatus", function(e,r){
   setInterval(instance.statusChec, 5000);

   status: function(){